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Experte in Knowledge Management, Consulting  und  AI

Experte in Knowledge Management, Consulting und AI


Der Experte ist spezialisiert auf Knowledge Management, Consulting und Artificial Intelligence, mit einem Schwerpunkt auf digitalen Tools für den Wissenstransfer.

Der Experte über sich:
“Digital onboarding of contractor employees is not only exciting but also highly complex. In many industrial facilities, this process is still handled very differently. I specialize in not only optimizing and digitalizing these processes but also integrating knowledge management, e-learning, and the use of artificial intelligence for knowledge processing. This approach not only reduces working hours for facility security and HSEQ but also promotes more efficient learning and understanding among the employees of partner firms.


- Digital platforms

- Decentralized and multilingual instructions

- Real-time documentation

- Technical integration with access control and BI systems

- Use of AI for personalized learning and knowledge processing


These technological solutions are just a few examples of how processes can be optimized through advanced techniques such as microlearning, gamification, and AI applications. I offer comprehensive consulting and support throughout the entire process, including communication with partner firms before and during the project, communication and management of various software providers, as well as the administration of the platform and the creation of instructional materials in close cooperation with internal departments.


My professional career began in upscale hotel management, where I worked in event management for 13 years before deciding to pursue a full-time degree in media management. These experiences led me to offer digital learning and knowledge dissemination options through WhatzLife | WhatzLearn | WhatzPets, whether through natively developed apps or web-based SaaS platforms. My commitment to service quality has remained a central part of my philosophy.


Since March 2024, I have been working as an independent consultant and process optimizer, and I am looking forward to the exciting projects I will accompany in the future.


I look forward to interacting with interesting people and the opportunity to develop something great together. Contact me to learn more about how we can revolutionize your onboarding processes together!.”

Der Experte hat einen Bachelor of Arts in Medienmanagement, Spezialisierung auf Sport- und Eventmanagement von der Macromedia Hochschule für Medien und Kommunikation.

Der Experte hat umfangreiche Erfahrungen gesammelt, unter anderem als CPO bei WhatzLife GmbH, Senior Event Manager im Marriott Hotel und Managing Director bei WhatzLearn. Zudem ist er Gründer von WhatzPets und als Dozent sowie Inhaber von tätig.

Skills: Social Media Marketing  -  Lern-und Bildungslösungen  -  Micros  -  Marketing  -  Sales  -  Hospitality management  -  Revenue Analysis


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